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Calling all educators, youth and social workers, guidance officers, health and mental health professionals, innovators, leaders and change-makers who are committed to a radical reimagining of education.

For The Students (FTS) is an innovative enterprise designed to gather those who dream of doing school differently. Deepen your understanding, knowledge and practices around having all young people valued and successful. Join in this global, multi-disciplinary revolution with all those passionate about prioritising student voice, student choice, learning shaped for the students. 

Cloudland – 641 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD  4006

Full Program

Click the image here to view or download the full conference flyer and schedule including:

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  • Workshop presenters and topics
  • Pricing
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I really enjoyed the keynote presentations.  Very interactive, resourceful & wealth of knowledge.

I enjoyed the variety of speakers and topic for e.g. AI compared with Loving our students on purpose. I also see the importance of hearing about staff wellbeing as a fundamental element of ensuring students get the best version of us.

Loved the themes raised, very relevant and informative.

Very engaging and informative, excellent conference.

I really enjoy the conference. It's such a lovely time to spend with colleagues, learning new information and upskilling.


Thursday 11th July

Richard Fay

Richard is a counsellor/psychotherapist specialising in attachment trauma, and a spiritual director. Richard was CEO of the Centre for Men and Families for several years and continues to advocate for its work in many spheres. Richard has a background in senior leadership in various community organisations. Richard has been married to his wife Judy for 40 years and is a father and grandfather.

Dr Judith Howard

Judith is a leading researcher and educator in the field of Trauma-Aware Education in Australia! Often in demand for speaking and training events, Judith is an Associate Professor with the Queensland University of Technology after an extensive career with state schooling in Queensland. She has worked as a teacher, guidance counsellor, and behaviour support specialist. She has held both regional and state positions with the Queensland Department of Education overseeing policy development and implementation, staff development, and school, student and family support programs. Judith oversees pre-service and masters programs at QUT, regarding trauma-aware schooling as well as on-line courses in trauma-aware schooling that are being accessed by thousands across the world. Judith’s main research interests include the impact of complex trauma on the developing child, the experience of schooling and she is the principal organiser for the biennial “Trauma-Aware Education Conference”. Through her training seminars and consultancy with educators, she continues to encourage schools to adopt a neuroscience informed approach to the support of students living with the outcomes of complex trauma. She is the author of the popular books: "Trauma-Aware Education: Essential Information and Guidance for Educators, Education Sites and Education Systems", and “Distressed or Deliberately Defiant: Managing Challenging Student Behaviour due to Trauma and Disorganised Attachment”.

Friday 12th July

Mary Walker

Mary is a highly proficient educator working with The University of Melbourne, Swinburne University and Federation University with a focus on emotional intelligence, inclusive education, classroom practice, arts education, and teacher training. Mary uses her extensive arts and education experience to help educate academics, teachers, children and families. She is a director of an arts and education company creating arts workshops and programs for adults and children connected to local councils and targeted performing arts and training programs for NDIS clients. Mary has developed drama-based simulation, a new pedagogical tool aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as a part of her PhD project. The drama-based simulations offer a safe and participatory experience that connects education theory and practice. She is a passionate and engaging presenter focused on creating energising and supportive experiences for participants.

Randall Burow

Randall Burow has a background in school leadership, teaching, and academia. He's passionate about creating learning environments where both students and teachers feel truly engaged and supported. After spending many years as a Principal, Randall became convinced of the urgent need for schools to prioritize intrinsic motivation. He believes that by focusing on what really drives students and teachers from within, we can transform school culture and improve outcomes for everyone. His time as a Lecturer at Sunshine Coast University further solidified his belief in the power of intrinsic motivation to support teacher wellbeing and student engagement. Randall acknowledges that these are areas needing urgent attention in schools, and he's committed to making a difference. Now working as an Education Consultant, Randall partners with schools to develop strategies that nurture intrinsic motivation and create a positive learning environment. His collaboration with the leadership team at Arethusa has given him valuable insights into the diverse needs of students and the challenges schools face today. Randall is eager to share his insights and discuss strategies for promoting intrinsic motivation at the upcoming “For the Students” conference. He believes that by addressing the core motivations of students and teachers, we can make a real difference with teacher wellbeing and student engagement.

Dr Janelle Wills

Dr. Janelle Wills is an experienced educator with over 40 years of teaching and leadership roles in Australian education. She has been influential in promoting positive change in schools and sectors across the country. Dr. Wills holds a PhD that explored self-efficacy and reading development. She has also made significant contributions to various aspects of education, such as special education, gifted education, assessment, and feedback. Her research has enhanced and informed these areas, revealing effective teaching methods and techniques. Janelle is not only a scholar; she is also a writer, having authored and co-authored many articles and books. Some of her works include ‘Thinking Protocols for Learning,’ ‘Transformative Collaboration: Five Commitments for Leading a PLC,’ ‘A Handbook for High Reliability Schools,’ and ‘The New Art and Science of Teaching Reference Guide.’ Dr. Wills has always aimed to connect theory and practice. Her creative ideas have led to important educational projects, both within individual schools and on a wider sector level. A strong supporter of the teaching profession, Janelle ardently encourages educators to use research through action research and reflective practice. Her dedication to ongoing learning keeps her at the cutting edge of educational innovation, ensuring that her work is dynamic and up to date.


1 Day - 11th July

$250 + GST
  • Keynote Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Session Materials

1 Day - 12th July

$250 + GST
  • Keynote Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Session Materials

2 Days - 11-12th July

$399 + GST
  • Keynote Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Session Materials


Educators, Youth & Social Workers, Guidance Officers, Health & Mental Health Professionals, Innovators and Leaders  

Yes dietary requirements are catered for. Please indicate your dietary requirements when purchasing your tickets. 

One day registration is $250 or 2 days is $399, which includes keynote sessions, workshops, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We are not able to accept any form of payment on the day.  All registrations must be finalised by 6 pm on the day before the conference

It is to your advantage to select your electives as soon as possible.  Most electives have restricted numbers due to room size and once they are full, only those who have registered will be able to attend

We have set the registration rate as low as possible.  We, do not offer part-day rates as we believe the greatest benefit comes from a full day’s attendance.  However, if you are only able to come for half a day, you are still welcome to register and attend

The ‘For the Students’ Conference is committed to providing the best quality event and experience for all it’s delegates.  If a cancellation of a registration is necessary, applications for a refund can be made through Contact Us page on the website up to and including Monday 1st July.  You may transfer your registration to another person at no fee.  

This option is available when you complete your registration.  Look for the TAB ‘Print Invoice’.  If you have already registered and exited the website, use your password and registration number to log on again and the ‘print invoice’ option will still be available.

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